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Sebastian Falinski

Story Featured in FORUM Magazine

Art breathes life into a space, giving it character, vitality, and freshness.

For Sebastian Falinski, Owner of Reno Gurus, taking an artistic approach to the design and construction of his renovation projects is his passion and is complemented by a thoroughly-developed renovation skillset. With his artist’s soul, Sebastian loves to transform spaces from average to inspired.

Having immigrated to Canada from Poland ten years ago, Sebastian started a construction job where he could earn a living while improving his spoken English abilities. At 23 years old, having first arrived in Canada and starting this kind of work, Sebastian had no idea just how much his passion for the home construction and design industry would flourish. Starting the career out of necessity, he never expected that renovations would become so meaningful to him. However, from the very beginning, he found that he loved the process of making the homes more beautiful for his clients. Towards this end, he dedicated extra time to perfect his skills and to learn from other contractors on each job.

During the two years that it took Sebastian to become an independent contractor and start working on his own, he spent so much of his time improving himself in every capacity. He had a vision for the spectacular and creative designs he wanted to create for clients’ homes and he knew these kinds of projects would require specialized knowledge and a confidence in his own skills and abilities. So throughout the ten years that he has been working in construction, Sebastian has always been improving himself; constantly reading self-improvement books and growing his personal and professional capacities from entrepreneurial skills, to design, to business management, to communication, and superior client service.

With this comprehensive design and construction experience, Sebastian started Reno Gurus in 2012. Because of his natural creative flair and innovative ideas, he was always looking to do unique interiors and create a unique product for his clients. He didn’t want to do average home makeovers, but instead he was always seeking to create something more notable and spectacular. As an entrepreneur, he wasn’t afraid to take risks and set himself apart in the renovation field. Even still, his aim is to constantly try and improve and be the best that he can be and to come up with new and different ideas to turn his client’s homes into true masterpieces of design and construction.

As the owner of the company, Sebastian has the last word when it comes to a project, however he collaborates with a whole team of experienced individuals from designers, to architects, to engineers. The entire process is carefully planned with his associates, but he brainstorms and implements many of the unique ideas. It invigorates him to be busy and take an active role in all aspects of the design and construction process.

He admits that he is especially addicted to design inspiration which constantly keeps him overflowing with new ideas. He is always on the lookout for the latest finishes, newest designs from around the world, different looks, and luxurious interiors. To keep inspired, he is often looking on the internet, shopping around for himself and his clients. He stays on top of the latest trends through magazines and the Instagram pages of artists, designers, and companies in the industry. And he always pays attention to the big-name designers and builders. He attributes his creativity and love for design to his artistic soul, which he says that he was ever since he was a child who enjoyed painting and playing music. His clients are always impressed with the unique ideas that he proposes for their projects.

Working throughout the Greater Toronto area from the heart of Toronto to Markham and King City and out to Oakville-Burlington area, Reno Gurus are becoming well-known for their luxurious and spectacular projects.

A recently completed full renovation of a seven million-dollar, five level townhome in the upscale Yorkville area of Toronto features a stunning and dramatic modern kitchen with European melamine, granite, brass-gold finishes, and oversized porcelain tiles. High-end Italian mosaics was shipped from Italy and creative LED lighting solutions capped off the gorgeous features throughout this elegant home. Every detail of the home was thoroughly planned out and executed to meet the discerning tastes of the client and create the lavish feel of such a prestigious address.

For Sebastian, every project he completes is a favourite one, however he loves when his clients also share his passion for beautiful homes with fabulous finishes. For him, the coolest thing is to transform an entire space. He loves the challenge of rejuvenating a closed-in space and making it open concept. Playing with the space and being able to open up a living area and creating something fresh and new is a creative challenge he loves to take on.

But with each project, he is truly proud of every aspect of the design and finish. For him it is not just one part, but how the project comes together and how the details all add up to the overall finished product. He feels that he pours his heart and soul into the entire renovation and doesn’t finish until everything is done properly and perfectly. He wants to ensure that the completed work is well-done and will last a long time for the homeowner.

Reno Gurus goal is to make their customer’s dreams come true. To ensure they are thrilled with the results, every project is carefully planned and thought out and the clients are consulted to get a thorough understanding of their dreams and wishes. The functionality of the space and how it will be used is also taken into consideration before the design and building process begins. From there, the design and creation process begins and the team works together to develop the right aesthetic and use of the space. Truly talented craftsmanship takes over to complete the project from top to bottom and transform the living space into an extraordinary dream home. For both residential and condominium projects, Reno Gurus are experienced in the redesign and construction of bathrooms, kitchens, basements with a specialization in open-concept living spaces.

Sebastian’s impeccable tastes and exquisite designs bring a sophisticated vision to each project and truly stand out for their fine finishes and precise details. His passion for gorgeous interiors and love for each project leaves an unforgettable impression on his clients.

Original Article Written by: Krista Deverson, FORUM Magazine


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